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A scientific tool for converting calendar dates mentioned in Greek and Demotic Papyri from Egypt into Julian and corresponding Gregorian dates, from the reign of Psametik to Diocletian.

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Five more artefacts looted from Malawi National Museum retrieved

The Ministry of State of Antiquities (MSA) recovered five more artefacts that had been reported missing from the looted Malawi National Museum (MNM) on 14th August. Ahmad Sharaf, head of the Museums section at the MSA, said that the objects included a bronze statue of Ibis, bird god of wisdom and knowledge sitting before a priest, as well as two rounded clay pots, a bronze statue of goddess Isis and a papyrus manuscript bearing eight lines of demotic text written in black.
These objects were handed over to the MSA by an Al-Menya inhabitant.

Ancient Egyptian objects recovered in Mit-Rahina

While on routine inspection at Mit-Rahina, the Tourism and Antiquities Police uncovered on Tuesday a plastic bag concealing Ancient Egyptian artefacts. The bag was found half-buried in the botanical area behind the Hathor Temple archaeological site. the bag contains seven objects, three of which were reported missing from the Mit-Rahina gallery during the violence that erupted in the aftermath of the January 2011 Revolution. The other four items resulted from illegal excavation in the site.

More looted artefacts from Malawi National Museum recovered

In the last two days a collection of 16 objects reported missing from the Malawi National Museum (MNM) were recovered. The objects include three Graeco-Roman reliefs made of marble and limestone. The rescued objects include also three clay pots, a limestone statue of the god Thot in the shape of a sitting baboon, two bronze statues of the god Osiris and a rectangular relief bearing a drawing of an Ibis bird and the palm of goddess Maat.

Authorities recover 12 Mallawi Museum artifacts

Antiquities Affairs Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said the ministry on Tuesday restored 10 relics that were earlier stolen from the Mallawi Museum in Minya. The ministry restored another two pieces on Sunday, bringing the total of retrieved pieces to 12, some of which were returned by Minya residents. Ahmed Abdel Zaher, the head of the antiquities investigations, said the restoration of lost artifacts comes after the minister called on everyone who possesses a relic from the Malawi Museum to return it to antiquities authorities with no legal consequence.

1040 Malawi artefacts looted from Mallawi museum

After investigations at the Malawi National Museum (MNM) in the Upper Egyptian city of Al-Minya, an archaeology committee reveals that the museum has been almost completely looted amid political unrest on the streets. The head of the Museums department at the Ministry of State of Antiquities (MSA) Ahmad Sharaf said that 1040 of the 1089 artefacts that make up the MNM collection have so far been reported missing.

Part of Old Kingdo sphinx found in Tel Hazor

At a site in Tel Hazor National Park, north of the Sea of Galilee, part of a Sphinx from Egypt, with a hieroglyphic inscription between its front legs was discovered. The inscription bears the name of the Egyptian king Mycerinus. Along with the king’s name, the hieroglyphic inscription includes the descriptor “Beloved by the divine manifestation… that gave him eternal life.”

Excavation of 4,500-year-old boat at Giza pyramids begins

A joint Japanese and Egyptian team began work of removing the 4,500 year old solar boat from the pit on the Giza pyramid plateau where it is buried. Since 2009, the boat's wooden beams inside the pit have been subjected to laboratory analysis to determine the types of fungi, insects and viruses that are affecting the boat, as well as the amount of deterioration that has taken place, so that an appropriate method can be selected to restore it and place it on display.

Intact tomb chamber in Qubbet el Hawa opened

The Spanish mission in Qubbet el Hawa, directed by Alejandro Jiménez, has opened a hidden, intact, chamber in an earlier found tomb (Qubbet el Hawa 33). In the chamber the mummy of a ca. 26 year old male, a governor of Elephantine, was discovered, burried in two nested (and decorated) coffins. The inner coffin was originally made for a woman, and in perfect condition, the other coffin was damaged by termites. Date is the reign of Amenemhat III.

P. Bracci : I Geroglifici ed Obelischi Eggizzi to be published

An unpublished manuscript by Roman sculptor Pietro Bracci (1700-1773) on Egyptian hieroglyphs, probably started in the 1750s or 1760s but left unfinished, and which was believed to be lost, was in fact purchased by Sir Alan H. Gardiner, who later presented it to the former Ashmolean Museum library, and thence transferred to the Griffith Institute archive. This is a new surviving example of a pre-Champollion attempt to read and understand the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic script, which is strongly influenced by the work of Athanasius Kircher.

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