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Louvre Museum

Louvre museum has returned five frescoes to Egypt

France has handed over to Egypt five disputed, frescoed fragments that were held by the Louvre museum in Paris. French President Nicolas Sarkozy presented one of the slabs, or steles, to his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak, who was on a visit to Paris.

France to hand back Egypt relics during Mubarak visit

France will hand back to Egypt five stolen relics on Monday when President Hosni Mubarak visits Paris, ending a row over the wall fragments sold to the Louvre. President Nicolas Sarkozy will confirm during his luncheon with Mubarak at the Elysee palace on Monday the decision to return the 3,000-year-old relics from Luxor's Valley of the Kings, aides said Thursday.

France will return five relics to Egypt

France will return to Egypt five relics stolen from Luxor's Valley of the Kings and sold to the Louvre Museum, the culture ministry announced on Friday. A special commission of the French museums agency decided unanimously to restitute the five painted wall fragments that were taken in the 1980s and ended up at the Louvre in 2000 and 2003. The decision came two days after Egypt severed ties with the Louvre to press demands that the Paris museum return the artefacts.

Louvre ready to return Egyptian murals

France is ready to hand back five fragments of ancient Egyptian tomb wall paintings acquired by the Louvre museum between 2000 and 2003. Mr Hawass asked France to return the murals after extensive discussions between the two sides, according to French culture minister Frederic Mitterrand. Subject to a decision by France's national museum scientific committee, Mr Mitterrand said he was ready to order the frescoes be handed back.

SCA suspends Louvre Museum’s work in Egypt

Egypt's antiquities department severed ties with France's Louvre museum Wednesday because it has refused to return what are described as stolen artifacts — one of the country's most aggressive attempts yet to reclaim relics from some of the world's leading Egyptology collections.

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